MAMA Children’s Activity Post: Pumpkin Painting and sensory play!


My son and I did this activity before I started the blog and it was one of the things that went onto inspire me to create it!


– Plastic activity mat/old towels.
– Old clothes/aprons.
– Pumpkin.
– Pumpkin carving equipment – I’d bought a little set from local supermarket.
– Paints (water based, non toxic).
– Paint brushes/sponges.
– Paint pots/paper plates.
– Card.
– Halloween stickers.
– Battery powered tea-light.
– Wipes.

Step 1: Preparation:

My son was around 18 months when we did this activity so wasn’t able to help with the carving of the pumpkin so I did this when he was napping. An older child may be able to help you with this though. I saved the inner bits of the pumpkin and put them in a bowl to use for sensory play.

I set the activity out on the floor to give my son space to experiment. I put out the carved pumpkin (he was into Mickey Mouse at this point!), the paints, paint pots, card, mark making tools, stickers and the ‘pumpkin insides’ in a bowl. We then both got changed into old clothes.

Step 2: Pumpkin experimentation time!!

I demonstrated painting the pumpkins with some of the paint brushes and my son copied me.


He then moved on to using the lid of the pumpkin as a stamp and enjoyed covering it in paint and then dropping it onto the mat and card to make big splosh marks! I’d bought some Halloween themed stickers and we stuck those on some of the painted card too.

He also enjoyed playing with the pumpkin insides and splashing them everywhere too! My son also enjoyed painting himself and using his hands and feet to paint with – something he has continued to do!


Step 3: Tidy, tidy, tidy up!

We put our pumpkin and pictures aside to dry and reusable items to soak. My son was covered in paint after this activity so he definitely needed a bath. I then tidied the rest later on.

Step 4: Displaying your creations!

We bought a battery operated candle and when the pumpkin was dry we put this in and displayed it at our window!

We also put up his paintings around the house to decorate for Halloween!

Hope you all have a fantastically messy and spooky Halloween and enjoy creating lots of MAMA memories!! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

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