MAMA Children’s Activity Post: Stained Glass Style Hearts!

Continuing with the theme of Valentine’s Day we decided to make some lovely stained glass style hearts to display and make into cards! This is a quick (slightly less messy) activity with some lovely results.

Equipment you will need:

– Tissue paper (we used red & pinks).
– Sticky-back plastic/contact paper.
– Heart shape to draw around.
– Pen.
– Scissors.
– String to hang them on window/in cards.
– Blank cards.


Firstly have fun with your child ripping up tissue paper into lots of pieces – this is the part that can get a little messy!! My son enjoyed putting all the pieces in a tub and mixing them all up for a while.


Then layout the sticky-back plastic/contact paper with the sticky side facing up and stick all the bits of tissue paper one half. You can do this in whatever pattern you like – we opted for chaos!

When you’ve stuck all your pieces down then fold over the over half of the sticky-back plastic/contact paper and push it (or “bash it”) down firmly.

I had to do the next part as my son is too young but an older child may like to do it. I drew around a heart (actually the magnet we made in a previous blog!) with a pen and then cut around this outline to make lovely stained glass hearts.

We strung some together to hang at the window and tied others into a hole cut out into a blank card to send to others – who could then remove it from the card and hang it up.

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