MAMA Children’s Activity: St David’s Day & Yellow! (#MARCH_PLAY)

For the month of March I am excited to be joining some lovely bloggers on Instagram in hosting #march_play. We have concocted a list of play/craft prompts for each day of March to inspire our followers and encourage the sharing of ideas amongst a very creative community!

For March 1st we did an activity combining daffodils and the colour yellow to celebrate St David’s Day! We set this activity up on our tuff tray in the kitchen (although if the weather is nice it would be lovely to do outside!).

IMG_7685 2


  • Tuff tray/plastic activity mat.
  • Painting clothes/aprons.
  • Card/paper.
  • Masking tape.
  • Yellow paint (Water based/non-toxic).
  • Paint pots.
  • Paint brushes/sponges.
  • Water (to add to paint if you want to!)
  • Daffodils/yellow card flowers/egg boxes cut into flower shapes/tissue paper (or other different textured items).
  • Wipes.
  • Green pipe-cleaners.
  • PVA glue/sticky tape.

Once we’d set up all the equipment it was time for one of my sons favourite parts – squeezing out the paint! Now whilst some of it went in the pots he mainly enjoyed squeezing it over the paper, tuff tray and himself! Our yellow paint bottle was almost empty so he then asked for water to be added so he could squeeze out every last drop of colour!! Needless to say it got pretty messy, pretty quickly but it was ALOT of fun!

After squeezing lots of paint out he decided to stomp around in it and make footprints on the paper as well as slipping and sliding through it!

He then did some mark making with the daffodils and brushes on the card and painted some of the egg box flowers too.

After he did this I took the card paintings away and he went back to his favourite activity squeezing the water/paint mixture out of the bottle and slipping all over the tuff tray! We left our paintings and egg box flowers to dry and then required a good scrub in the tub before tidying up the rest of the things later!

With the egg box flowers we stuck some of the tissue paper in the centres and a green pipe-cleaner to the back to make some daffodils to display!


Why not check out all of these other accounts and join in with #march_play. Don’t forget to share your activities with us – we will be posting our favourites on our instagram stories! I will also be writing up blogs of our contributions!


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