MAMA Children’s Activity Post: Making a Mess with Flowers!

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With Mother’s day coming up this is a wonderful activity for mums to do with their children to create personalised, one of a kind art pieces to love and cherish. This activity was inspired by the play prompt “plants” from #march_play on which I am currently co-hosting and would advise you check out (see end of blog for more information)!

I set up the activity on our tuff tray with this equipment:

  • Tuff tray/plastic activity mat.
  • Painting clothes/aprons.
  • House plants – for inspiration and mark making tools after a bit of pruning!
  • Coloured paper/card.
  • Felt tip pens/stampers.
  • Card flower cut outs.
  • PVA glue and pot.
  • Scissors.
  • Tape.

Upon my son’s request I later added:

  • Paint – purple and pink (water based, non-toxic)
  • Extra pots.


The first idea I had was drawing around our hands to act as plant bases and then sticking on the card flower cut outs. My son drew round his own hand and I was pretty impressed with his effort, I then drew around mine. We used PVA glue to stick card flowers all over the fingers to make them look like plants.

I asked if he wanted to colour anything in at all to which he said “can we use paint?” Now I had set this activity up in our living room, with carpet, so I was hesitant to begin with but……….. he asked so nicely I said ok, along as he kept the paint in the tray – and to be fair he did and actually created some beautiful paintings!!

We cut/pruned some of the plants so we could use the leaves and flowers as mark making tools and we squirted out some pink and purple paints (my favourite colours!) into the pots.

My son chose the pink flowers to use mainly – he dipped them into the paint and made swirling and splodgy patterns. He was so mesmerised with the swirling and the patterns he made it was lovely to watch. The mix of the pink and purple was also really beautiful. I was please to have taken lots of photos of the process as they came out really well too (you can also see videos on my Instagram account).

The final pictures were really pretty and I plan on framing them!


Why don’t you get nice and messy and create some fantastic messy art this Mothers day! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter and share any of your MAMA makes wit us!



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