MAMA Children’s Activity Post: “FIZZY EGGS”


It is ‘Easter’ week for #april_play which I am co-hosting on Instagram. My son really enjoyed an activity we did in ‘April Showers’ week when we made “Fizzy Rainclouds” by mixing baking powder with grated blue chalk and then dropping vinegar onto it to watch the fizzing reaction. I therefore decided to try the experiment again with an Easter twist!!!

The equipment needed for this activity was:

  • Activity space – tuff tray/activity mat.
  • Old clothes/aprons.
  • Coloured chalk.
  • Cheese grater.
  • Plastic bowls.
  • Spoons.
  • Baking powder.
  • Plastic eggs you can open and fill.
  • Egg box.
  • Vinegar (I used white vinegar).
  • Water sprayer.
  • Other decorations – I put out some cardboard eggs.

Prior to starting the activity I grated up some of the large outdoor chalks and then mixed this with baking powder (roughly half & half). I put this ‘fizzy powder’ into plastic eggs of the corresponding colours. I had white eggs too so for these I just put in plain baking powder. I poured white vinegar into a water sprayer and put this and the eggs on our tuff tray and the activity was ready!

I asked my son what he thought was in the eggs? He replied “lets hatch them and see!” It was lovely to see the delight on his face when all the different colours came pouring out!! He decided to make little piles on the cardboard eggs I had put out and enjoyed mixing the colours up with his hands and the ‘egg shells’.

Once he had poured all the ‘fizzy powder’ out I gave him the water sprayer (one of his favourite things) and encouraged him to spray the powder to see what happened. Initially he did not spray enough on but once he got going and saw the fizzing you could see he remembered and got really into it!

Obviously once he’d saturated all the ‘fizzy powder’ there was a request for “more please mama”. Luckily I had prepared extra as I knew this would happen!! My son then spooned/poured more ‘fizzy powder’ onto the piles and he continued spraying.

He explored things with his hands and feet too and decided at the end he wanted to make a ‘waterfall’. This comprised of pouring all of the remaining vinegar out –  this caused much delight and ALOT of fizzing!!! Go to our Instagram account to see video of this!!!


After my son had finished he decided he wanted to help wash up and he enjoyed playing with all the plastic eggs in the sink for a bit whist I cleaned up the majority of the mess!! Don’t forget to check out #april_play and all of these fabulous accounts!!!

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