A Little Update!

I haven’t written on the website for a while; kids, work and life kind of got in the way and it got put on the end of my ever growing list of things to do! However, with lockdown slowing down the world (but not our kids) I thought now would be a good opportunity for me to “re-launch” the website blog so I can share all of the activities and ideas I have stored up from continuing to co-host monthly play prompts with the @monthly_play team on Instagram.

I am also re-jigging my Instagram page @megaawesomemessyart so the ‘highlights’ are sorted into categories, making it easier to quickly find inspiration on different themed/types of play such as; Nature, Dinosaurs, Playdough etc.

The main aim of starting this blog was to offer ideas for people wanting to do messy art/play at home, it makes me so happy when people send/tag me in activities they have tried out. I have therefore also made a category to share other people’s take on our ideas called “Inspiring Posts.” I would love you all to tag us (@megaawesomemessyart) or use our hashtag (#makeamesswithmama) if you post on Instagram or you can share via Facebook or email megaawesomemessyart@mail.com.

So a little update about us; we are currently in lockdown in the UK at my parents’ house as our family was in the middle of a house move! Prior to having my daughter I had taken a career break and am now working part time as support staff in a high school. I am therefore very lucky to be able to work from home, care for my children and shield my parents. I have many friends still on the frontline who I worry for and admire, as I do all of those key workers. Thank you all so very much!

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