MAMA Memory Activity; Christmas Wrapping Paper Hearts!


So I know Christmas is over……. but in my MAMA Countdown to Christmas I did recommend keeping some bits of your child’s wrapping paper to use for a MAMA memory project and as this project is heart based I thought I’d let you know about it following on from our heart themed Valentine’s projects!

I completed this project on my own as my son was a little bit young but if you have an older child they could help you/do one too. It is a pretty quick activity.


– Heart shaped card board decoration.
– PVA glue.
– Pot for glue.
– Paintbrush.
– Glitter (I used red).
– Wrapping paper pieces.
– Permanent marker pens.

Step 1: Preparing the Paper.

I chose bits of the saved wrapping paper with pieces that were personal to my son (Bear, Mickey Mouse) and others to use as a base background (stars/Christmas trees). I then arranged them onto the heart to see how they would fit.

Step 2: Glitter and glue!


In a pot I squeeze in some PVA glue and then add a dash of water to make it a paintable consistency (think runny honey). I then mixed in some red and green glitter – this makes the decoration nice and sparkly when it’s all dried.

Paint some of the glitter glue onto the cardboard heart decoration and then start to layer your wrapping paper pieces onto it. On top of each piece of paper add another layer of glitter glue until you have covered the whole decoration.

I did this all in one go by dangling the decoration from my hand so I could access both sides. However, this was tricky and did get very sticky! So you could do the front then let it dry and then do the back. The key, whichever way you do it is hang it up to dry so it doesn’t stick to anything.

Step 3: Personalise further.


Once dry you can then use permanent marker pens to write your child’s name and anything else you want to such as “Baby’s First Christmas 2017”.

So now you have a lovely decoration to store away and use for next Christmas! Why not save wrapping paper each year and make a collection?!

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