MAMA Children’s Activity Post: “Spring Sensory”(#MARCH_PLAY)


One of the play prompts for #march_play was ‘Spring Sensory’. I used this prompt to do an activity I had been longing to do; ‘Shaving Foam Marbling’ with a spring twist! The equipment needed was:

  • Tuff tray/activity mat.
  • Painting clothes/aprons (my son uses his old puddle suit).
  • Tray  (I used a ceramic lasagne tray).
  • Shaving foam.
  • Food colouring.
  • Pots.
  • Pipettes.
  • Something to swirl the colours with – lollypop sticks/cotton buds.
  • Card to make prints with – I used white card in easter egg and duckling shapes.


I explained to my son about dropping on the colours to the shaving foam first and as he is loving the pipettes at the moment he was very keen to do this!


He then chose the cotton bud to swirl the colours around – he loved watching them all mix together and I had to ask him to stop briefly to do the prints otherwise he would have continued until it was a big mess (he did get to do this later though I promise!)

I had completed a test run of this activity with different coloured card cut outs – I found that pure white worked the best as coloured card distorted the swirled colours and did not seem as vibrant. I gave my son the cut out shapes and asked him to push them down into the foam a little bit and then lift them back out.

 I then scraped off the excess foam to leave behind some gorgeous marbled patterns!!

After making these lovely prints I asked my son what he wanted to do and his answer was to “mix a potion” – no surprise there!! He also mixed in the magnetic letters so we had a game of hunt the letter too!

I loved the results of this activity and it really is easy to set up and do. It produces some gorgeous works of art; I am planning on making the final products into Easter cards!


Why not have ago yourself and don’t forget to check out #march_play on instagram and share any of your lovely creations!!


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