MAMA Children’s Activity Post; Easter Basket Painting!

With Easter just around the corner we needed to be ready with an Easter basket for our Easter Egg hunt! We found a lovely card bunny Easter basket at our local pound store so we were excited to bring it to life with lots of nice colours!


For the painting bit;

– Plastic activity mat/old towel.
– Old clothes/aprons.
– Lots of different coloured paints (water-based, non-toxic).
– Card Easter Basket.
– Mark-making tools – we used paint brushes, cotton-wool balls, Pom-Poms, Toilet rolls & paint rollers.
– Pots/paper plates for the paints.
– Wipes.

For the Decoration bit;

– Permanent marker pen.
– Googley eyes.
– Double sided sticky tape.
– ‘Easter Grass’

Step 1: Preparation.


I set this activity out on the floor to give us more space. I put the paints, mark-making tools and basket on the activity mat and had lots of wipes on stand by! I also got all of my bath things ready as I felt this one could be messy!

Step 2: Mark-making, messy time!

First I let my son squeeze out all of the paints into the pots/onto the paper plates. He then chose which mark-making tools to use and I just let him get on with it.

He enjoyed the freedom of being able to use whatever he liked, he also ‘ordered’ me to do some painting too, so I had to oblige! He liked layering the paints and then stamping with the toilet roll on top.

Step 3: More Eggs-perimentation!

My son really liked the stamping with the toilet rolls, which I had tried to mould into an egg shape. So after we had covered the Easter basket in paint he used this on some extra sheets of card to make some more picture. He also used his favourite mark-making tool at this point……his hands!

Step 4: Tidy, tidy, tidy up!

This activity did get quite messy especially as he wanted me to join in so I was also covered in paint! We wiped down our hands, shut the kitchen door and went and had a bath. I then came down and tidied the paint brushes and put the pictures and basket to dry.

Step 5: Decorating the bunny basket.

I used a permanent marker pen to give our bunny a face and ears. I then used double sided sticky tape on the googley eyes so my son could stick them on. We filled the basket with easter grass so we were then ready to collect eggs on Sunday!


We hope you all have a very Happy Easter and don’t forget to share any of your MAMA creations on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!!

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