MAMA Children’s Activity Post; “Drip drip drip little April showers”


As is traditional in April it’s been raining quite a lot, which has been fantastic for puddle jumping but has also meant quite alot of time spent inside. We went to buy some new paints which we could use to make some rainy style pictures and the perfect ones were…… watercolours of course!

– Plastic Activity mat/old towels.
– Old clothes/aprons.
– Watercolour paints.
– Water pots.
– Paint brushes.
– Card/paper.
– Pom-Poms.
– Wipes.

Step 1: Preparation.


Set out your activity mat on the floor or table. Put out your watercolour paints, paper/card, paint brushes and fill your water pots. This is all I had ready when we started this activity but then half way through my son requested Pom-Poms, these actually made the activity a lot of fun and made some great rain drop marks so if you have some get these ready too!

Step 2: Experimenting with watercolours!

We’d not used watercolours before so I had to show my son how to get the brushes wet then rub them onto the watercolour palates and then brush onto the paper. After a few goes of trying to add the water directly onto the palates or putting the palates into the water he finally got it and he was away!

He made a wide range of different marks with the brushes and then asked for Pom-Poms. He really enjoyed getting these wet, rubbing them in the paint and then dropping them onto the paper. They made lovely splash marks! He also enjoyed mixing different colours in the water pots.

Step 3: Tidy tidy tidy up!

Compared to some MAMA activities this was easier to clean up as it was mainly water – so wipes were all we really needed! Therefore if you’re looking for a fun messy activity without too much clean up then watercolours are for you!

So there you are a lovely April shower inspired MAMA activity which is quick and easy and results in some lovely atmospheric paintings!

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